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5/25/2021Lake County Sheriff’s Department Police Assisted Recovery Initiative (P.A.R.I.+) Provides Free NARCAN (Naloxone)

Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez began the Lake County Sheriff’s Department Police Assisted Recovery Initiative (P.A.R.I.+) to help provide non-arrest pathways to treatment and recovery for citizens in our area.  On May 10th, our P.A.R.I.+ program hosted a training on opioids and the use of NARCAN (naloxone) medication as an emergency treatment for overdose.


P.A.R.I.+ received single-dose kits through a special grant and distributed the kits to individuals who attended the training.  It was just one of several outreach programs held during the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Prevention Week May 9-15, 2021.

**If you or someone you know needs services for concerns including substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence or elder care, please reach out to Counselor Kristin Huseman at (219) 307-0938 or Counselor Misty Hatch at (219) 216-4554. You can also call the P.A.R.I.+ office at (219) 755-3405**


5/6/2021 -The Lake County Sheriff’s Department will be conducting Retiree Qualifications (HR218/SB1132 “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act” qualifications) on May 24, 2021.  The qualifications will be conducted from 10am to 2pm on the indoor range at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department 2293 N Main St, Crown Point, IN. 

You will need to have a minimum of 30 rounds of ammunition for each weapon you qualify with.  This ammo MUST BE factory new TMJ (total metal jacket) or lead free ammo.  No reloads, no FMJ (full metal jacket), or armor piercing ammo.  Also, due to Covid-19, you will need your own eye protection, ear protection, a holster for each weapon, and magazine pouches for extra ammo.  You can view the course of fire here Course of Fire.  The fee for completing the qualification is $5.00.  Once completed you will need to pay the fee with the B of I, then report to the County’s Physical Security Office to obtain an ID. 


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