The Lake County's Sheriff's Department is dedicated to protecting the youth of our community. The Crimes Against Children Research Center statistics show that one in four youth in the past year have been sexually approached or solicited online.The Lake County Sheriff's Department wants to provide our community with the knowledge necessary to protect our youth from online predators. We are committed to public safety, integrity and values. Together we can make a difference.

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The internet and it's social networking sites don't have to be so scary. Online victimization can be prevented if the necessary steps are taken.

•The best way to encourage your children to be safe online is to focus on prevention and communication.
• Have an agreement in place as to what activities and websites you want your child to be participating in.
•Your identity should be kept private – Make sure your children know to always avoid giving out their name, address, phone number or anything that would help someone to find their actual identity.
•Your computer should be in a location that you can see the monitor.
Child Solicitation Defined as to command, authorize, urge, incite, or request an individual either in person, by telephone, in writing, by using a computer network, by advertisement of any kind, and by any means.
Blogging – Term used for an online journal posting.
Child Predators – Sex offenders who act on their sexual interest directed towards children.
Pedophile – Defined as an erotic interest in prepubescent children.
Hebephilie – Predator that is sexually interested in pubescent children.

"It is important for parents and children to know that any type of child solicitation is never the child's fault."

•Predators "groom" children by developing friendships through time and trust
•Talk openly with your child about their online activities
•Know your child's Passwords and Accounts
•Use computer Monitoring Software



• Having unknown people in your friends list
•Downloading images from file sharing programs
•Visiting X Rated websites
•Talking to unknown people online about sex
•Never give pictures of yourself to someone you don't know
•Never give out your personal information
•Only talk to people that you know exist in real life
If anyone . . . .
- talks inappropriately or sexually
- sends you inappropriate pictures/videos
- asks to meet you in person
- wants to send you gifts
Tell a trusted parent or guardian right away!

Child Predators use what is called "grooming" to gain knowledge of your child, their life, and their trust. These "grooming" techniques can include Instant Messaging, Social Networking Sites and Chat Rooms.


•Spending a lot of time online
•Find any Pornography on your computer
•You receive unknown or long distance Phone Calls
•Your Child receives Gifts from someone you don't know
•Change of attitude or becoming withdrawn



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