Warden Todd Wasmer is the current Warden of Lake County Jail. He began his appointment to this position on January 3rd, 2022. Warden Wasmer began his career in Florida as a Correctional Officer at the Hernando County Jail. While at Hernando County Jail he held the positions of Correctional Officer, Sergeant, Booking Supervisor, Lieutenant and Captain.

Wasmer transferred as a Captain to La Palma Correctional Facility in Eloy Arizona which was a medium/max custody 3,060 -bed California prison. While there he was promoted to Assistant Chief of Security and had authority over all staffing, use of force and restrictive housing/segregation, which consisted of 5 segregation units totaling up to 300 inmates.

Wasmer then transferred to Citrus County Jail, Florida as the Chief of Security over a 750-bed facility housing USMS, Virgin Island and Citrus County inmates. From there he took a position as Assistant Warden at Eloy Detention Center in Arizona. EDC was a male/female ICE facility housing up to 1,596 undocumented persons.

Wasmer left Corecivic in 2019 to accept a Warden position with the Nebraska Department of Corrections. He was assigned Tecumseh State Correctional Facility which housed 960 medium/max DOC inmates. Tecumseh had the largest restrictive housing unit in Nebraska as well as death row. Wasmer made a final move to accept the Warden position here at Lake County Jail, Indiana in January 2022.

Warden Wasmer brings experience from working two county jails, three prisons and a detention center. The contracts include BOP, USMS, Virgin Island, California, Nebraska and ICE. He has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Management and a Masters Degree in the Science of Leadership. Warden Wasmer was in the U.S. Army for 9 years prior to starting his career in Corrections.


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