The State of Indiana through legislation, (Indiana Code 5-2-10.1-10);  has mandated that each Indiana County establish a county safe school commission which is to be comprised of school officials, school safety specialists, and public officials who are responsible for school safety; the prevention and reporting of juvenile crime in schools; the assessment of children at risk; improving communications among agencies that work with children; and methods to improve security and emergency preparedness. 

The date of the next Lake County Safe Schools Commission Meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, beginning at 930 am. Please contact a Board Member for information about the meeting location.  

If you are a Lake County School Administrator, Public Safety, or Law Enforcement Official involved in or responsible for school security or safety programs and you would like more information about the Lake County Safe Schools Commission please contact one of the Board members noted below:

Lake County Safe Schools Commission Board Members;

*Mike O’Donnell - Hanover Township School Corporation - Director of School Safety

*Vince Balbo - Lake County Sheriff’s Department - Chief of Police

*Julie Pearson - School City of Whiting - Principal

*Jerry Patrick - Lake Central School Corporation - School Resource Officer


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