Administration Division

It is in the Administration Division that major decisions are made to direct the course of the jail. With the responsibility for the operating budget, jail health service, jail food service, jail records, inmate commissary trust accounts, inmate programs, materials and supplies, the Administration Division provides stability and confidence to the other major divisions and the Office of the Warden.

Operations Division

In order to manage the new jail podular setting and the old jail linear setting with various levels of security, jail staff had to assume responsibility and training in inmate housing, classification of inmates,intake and release functions. Many of the Operations Division subdivisions have been realigned to meet the needs of the jail staff and inmates.

Security Division

Correctional Officers, those directly supervising inmates are the backbone of the jail. Officers are trained to handle all aspects of the job.Officers must have good judgment, the ability to think and act quickly.Officers must successfully complete a 120-hourC.T.O. (Correctional Training Officers) program and 40 hours training Jail Officers Course by the Indiana Police Academy in the first year of employment. Nonprobationary Officers must complete 40 hours in service training each includes cultural diversity and sensitivity training, CPR, suicides, HIV and special needs inmates.

Personnel Division

The Lake County Jail Personnel Division is dedicated to bringing quality personnel into the jail's employee force. This is being accomplished by utilizing rigid hiring and pre-employment screening practices, while at the same time remaining committed to a system that ensures equal opportunity for all. The Lake County Corrections Merit Board was implemented to eliminate a patronage hiring system in 1984.


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